bangus sardines in corn oil

Mama’s Bangus in Corn Oil: All Natural … No Preservative

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Sinardinas na Bangus!!  (Milkfish Sardines)

I have to admit it, this “Mama’s Bangus in Corn Oil” Homemade sardines is one of the best sardines I ever tasted. 

The thick saucespicily-just-right … the fish meat, tender and juicy (yes, not as dry as that in the popular shelves) … the tasteful “bangus belly” …

Homemade Bangus Sardines in corn oil, thick sauce, spicy-right, all natural, No preservative

… and  most importantly, the fish bone! … perfectly cooked, soft and tender … never a taste of mud …. never a taste of something fishy …. not even that familiar fishy sardines smell just like those from the little cans … best for “meals“, “pulutan” or “pasalubong” (gift) — I ordered mine and brought a packful across the sea!!! 

When you are looking for a “really” fresh bangus sardines cooked just right and without smelling fishy, order from “Mama’s Bangus Sardines in Corn Oil”.

No wonder! Mama, the cook, personally picks all the ingredients carefully and cook it just like cooking for his well-loved family …. It is homemade, no preservative (but it last even a week without refrigeration, but  I’m sure, just like me, a serving will 

Call "Mama" for your order: 0 9 2 7 7 1 3 7 9 8 8

not last more than few minutes).You just have to try it!  You got to taste it! … so you’ll know what I mean! 

Many book for advance orders and pick it up!  They even deliver in clean, carefully packed plastic ware …. within Makati City and nearby cities. Deliveries to other places can be arranged though. 

The “3 slices bangus in tomato sardines sauce” is my favorite.  Definitely just right! CHEAPER (@ more than 230 grams) and BETTER TASTING!

NOTE: “MAMA” got a list in her menu (ask if available): like, Menudo (saucy), Lumpiang sariwa, (“ubod” ng sarap);  kilawing-baboy (traditional tagalog-style), crispy-fried chicken (tastier than the all-crusted ones)… etc … all flavorfully homely food…. Call “Mama” for your order: 0 9 2 7 7 1 3 7 9 8 8