Runaway Hayden-Halili (Et Al) Sex Video Scandal

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So, everyone’s hunting for the runaway Hayden-Halili (et al) sex video scandal … it’s on the loose …

It’s all over the place … the news, media and the web … a steaming menu for a “tsismisan” buffet … but, it’s no longer a tsismis … there really is this runaway Hayden-Halili (et al) sex video scandal with a doctor and a pinay celebrity … among OTHERS! … they say ….

Okay, it leaked for whatever reason and whoever did it ….  the intimacy and privacy of it left for the elements  … the entire specie …. for curiosity … for enjoyability … for gratification … for investigation … it’s out …. a real runaway Hayden-Halili (et al) sex video … but is there a way deleting the video file? yes … but … deleting the past … ?! perhaps! but only with an epidemic of permanent amnesia … a genocide of it … unless, calousness and overfamiliarity reign.

Some say only a sick person does it (the recording) … and an evil person, to leak it in public. No doubt, it is the highest level of trampling and betrayal of the intimacy, moral turpitude and privacy of the innocent and the lured.

The “suspect” doctor directly and publicly admitted the recording (but blamed the leaking to theft and unauthorized access to the files) and apologized to the celebrity and whoever are involved (the news says, there are at least 40 sex videos involving the doctor …. at least 40 partners, i assume) … that could be a reason why one actor-senator calls the doctor … sex “maniac” and “buang” (sick, in general). But, could an apology erase and clean up the mess this runaway Hayden-Halili (et al) sex video scandal caused? If not, what could? ….

I can only feel sorry and pity the innocent partners … especially, the presumably  beautiful, unknowing, and respectable victims … this is really obnoxious and revolting …. but, it has been done … the runaway Hayden-Halili (et al) sex video scandal is on the loose … viciously googled chased and hunted by the fangs of the multitude of the curious and the lustful in DVDs on the streets and the web … every milisecond possible …. unrelentlessly …

Could this have been prevented? definitely! How? foremost, abstain; and be extra careful … for since that very first “byte”, man’s privacy is somehow already destined to a breach. The prize of technology ….

We cannot overlook the lists of risks in premarital, experimental and adventurous sexcapades …. (this apart from the issue of morality, relations and health consequences involved) … however exciting and ego-boosting these sexcapades are, the risks and possible damages could be overwhelming, if not impossible to remedy.

If left unbridled and uncared for, anyone is vulnerable to be in another runaway sex video be it explicit or in a vex. And at this trend, it really pays to have second thoughts … a few minutes of ecstasy could be a lifetime of  sorry-worry …. lights off!


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