Pork BBQ a la Tikboy’s

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If there’s one place I always frequent to in Bacolod City (Negros Occidental) whenever I visit this fast-growing and recently rated (by AIM) as one of the most livable places in the Philippines, it is “Tikboy’s” across La Consolacion College (LCC) at the back of the Old Church across the City Plaza.

Cooked at the main entrance, it is a mix of smokey, subtly sweet, tender and juicy … just delicious!

At the entrance, just pick and choose your BBQ. You may hand it to the griller-man for a reheat or for an added splash of “special” BBQ oil/sauce (recommended). Pick a table, take a seat and order your plain rice and drinks (other viands are available). And don’t worry, they know how many BBQs you’ve picked and where you’re seated.   While waiting, prepare the “sawsawan” (dip): Mix the “sinamak” (prepared native vinegar), two drops of soy sauce (just enough to color the vinegar) and fresh chili. Instead of just dipping, I prefer “pouring” some “sawsawan” on my plain rice. Try it! 

The place has a regular sidewalk eatery-look and ambiance; square tables and monobloc/plastic stool chairs; ceramic plates; condiments (soy sauce, native vinegar/”sinamak”) in used catsup bottles. Expect to smell smokey after a while. It’s a grill place anyway.  

Pork BBQ Php6.00/stick.

To get there: From Downtown Plaza facing the old Church, cross the street. Take the road on the right side of the Church, walk straight; turn left on the first corner (La Consolacion College). Tikboy’s is just across the street a few meters ahead.

Get a taste of Bacolod City, the City of Smiles! … namit gid!


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