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Fun at Campuestohan Highland Resort, Philippines

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Nature’s view, the elements, fog and rain, foliage, water fun, rides and man’s box time are beautiful in Campuestohan Highland Resort.  We had fun.

Campuestohan Highland Resort is in Negros Occidental, Philippines.  Not so distant from the New Bacolod-Silay International Airport and Bacolod City proper. Google map.

Our travel organizer arranged for our transport and suggested an itinerary, which we can coordinate with our driver.  Van and cars are available.

Before heading to the resort, we visited “The Ruins” since it is close to the airport.  It was awesome.  The garden is spacious, well-managed mini-carabao and bermuda grass and garden in general.  We grabbed some fresh-squeezed sugarcane with lemon juice.  It was a differently good taste.

20170603_110527 (2)

The villa ruins is grandiose.  I can imagine how it was during the past era.  Spanish culture is obvious and how the world war 2 (WW2 ) brought the villa into ruins – that is how the place got its name.

From the airport to The Ruins, we finally headed to Campuestohan Highland Resort. Along the not-so-wide cemented road, we passed by a barangay community caring for fighting cocks.  They are all over on both sides of the road.  Kids were wondering.

It was a smooth ride. We were greeted with the zip line tower, the resort’s signage at the big gate.  There were lots of parked car and people.  We knew, it’s a crowd of people having fun – mostly, taking group and selfie pics.  Can’t blame them, the place is differently enjoyable than most resorts.


We stayed in the big family room (“dako nga balay”).  A cemented-log-cabin themed. It was spacious with two king sized bed but decided to get an extra foam with bedding and pillows for our growing teen nephew.  He is growing fast and bigger than me now.  A relief to know he is growing, rather than me, shrinking lol.

There is no air conditioner in the room. Probably, to get most of nature’s chill.


At Campuestohan Highland Resort restaurant, you also cannot expect more on food service,  unlike regular resorts.  The restaurant serves point-and-pay food with the regular food menu. Nothing fancy. But bringing your own food is welcome.  If coming from Bacolod or Silay City direct to the resort, bringing some Jollibee food pack and shakey’s pizza on the first day is good lol.

Several picnic goers, mostly on day-tour, brought cases of beer, barbecue, pansit, dirty ice-cream in big stainless steel gallons and other food.  It’s a have-fun-and-enjoy environment.

We had fun.  Especially at the wave pool then getting the soap fudge bath.


The pool manager will announce and whistle whenever the wave will be powered on.  Everyone just rushes to the pool.  Then you start to enjoy shouting “jump!” and diving and swimming in the waves.

After the wave pool. Everyone rushes to the soap fudge pool and water jet shower.   The riot-fun begins!

Soon after 4 PM, the fog and rain begins.  It was fun! Cold and chilling just made the swimming more interesting. Photo shoot and a beer is a treat.   The mountain, resort facilities, fog, rain, people and nature are just awesome – good treat Campuestohan Highland Resort!


I would say, Campuestohan Highland Resort is well-thought off  with it’s multi-theme and fun facilities.  A mix of international tourist attractions; and popular characters from the movies.  The designer is probably, if not definitely, influenced by his travels abroad, particularly, in Europe and the USA.  All are built with cement which is practical to withstand the elements.

There is a modified windmill-themed grand structure, teepee tents, log cabin, Holywood movie characters like Kingkong, dinosaurs, superheroes, wave pool, soap fudge bath, zip line,  Sky Bicycle, Hamster Wheel, and many others.  And, I saw a fiorgellato and siomai-tempura booth too! lol.

I would say, overnight stay is not enough.  Probably, at least 2 nights is good.  I just love the ambiance. Dining with a mountain view, the chill, the rain, and the facilities – best with family and/or friends.  Definitely, I will see you next time, Campuestohan Highland Resort!






“Not Yet” (a reflection)

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I tend to forget when things are just right. And usually remember whenever I fail.

I often ask, “Lord, is this your will?”
And the answer I get is silence, as if whispering, “Be still. Not yet”

I feel frustrated, when things do not happen as I thought and planned, convinced that I did the best and it was right.

I pray harder and hear you say,

“Do not stop my Child … just rest and move forward. Not yet.”

“I see you in every moment.  I have My ways, and have wondrous things for you.
If you can just be patient a for little more, and put your trust in Me.”

“I have the plans to draw you closer and help you grow in me.
Often I do things for you, that you cannot see; and more that you do not know.”

“Not exactly as you wanted, but how I see fit and right for you at that very moment.”

“But this, my Child.  Know that I LOVE YOU.”

“You are precious.”

“I have a gift that is very special and only for you.
A gift that you cannot earn.”

“A gift without a price tag, but not without a cost;
at Calvary, I gave My Son for you, so you would be saved and found.  And now that your are found, I long for you to be.”

“Rest my Child, and do not go weary doing what is good and right.”

“I said, ask and it shall be given.”

“Your name is written on my palm, I never could forget. Do not be discouraged whenever my answer is not yet.”

“I promised and it will be.”

After Three Grim Accidents in a Week, Is It Even Safe to Ride on a Chinese Escalator?

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A 35-year-old employee of a shopping mall in Shanghai had to have his left leg amputated on Saturday after a part of the escalator he was cleaning collapsed underneath him, according to state-linked newspaper Global Times. It was the third such mishap in China within a week.

Exactly a week earlier, video of 30-year-old mother Xian Liujuan went around the world after the escalator she was traveling on, in a department store in the central province of Hubei, suddenly gave way. She was able to push her young son before being sucked into the machinery and killed. On Friday, a toddler’s arm got caught in an escalator, this time at a mall in the southern Guangxi region, when he tripped after wandering away from his parents. His mangled arm was pulled out 30 minutes later.

These three accidents have led to heightened concerns and scrutiny of the…

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Article 26, Civil Code of the Philippines (Republic Act No. 386)

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“ARTICLE 26. Every person shall respect the dignity, personality, privacy and peace of mind of his neighbors and other persons. The following and similar acts, though they may not constitute a criminal offense, shall produce a cause of action for damages, prevention and other relief:

(1) Prying into the privacy of another’s residence;

(2) Meddling with or disturbing the private life or family relations of another; dumrrI

(3) Intriguing to cause another to be alienated from his friends;

(4) Vexing or humiliating another on account of his religious beliefs, lowly station in life, place of birth, physical defect, or other personal condition.”


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Pen and Paper Writing: A Dying Art?

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Looks like pen and paper writing is heading to the grave. It is almost a dying art, that is, as far as It evolved in my end. Technology, obviously, has a big influence in the preservation of this craft.

How frequent do you see or receive a personal letter fully handwritten by the sender?

I am glad I still receive one personally handwritten message in a card in a year. That is, a Christmas Card. And even the card iitself is made from scratch by the sender-friend.

Almost everyone I know prefer the keyboard and the internet. All agree that it is more convenient and fast to create and send a letter.

I have to agree with them, but, no offense, I will always love a fully handwritten letter or even a note.

Writing with a pen and paper is an art. They bring with it a part of the writer. Something personal that connects the reader to the writer. A sense that you can almost feel it and hear it,  apart from the contents, from the texture, the smell, the crimps and the folds of the paper used; by the strokes of the pen, the ink blots and the weight of the written letters. Imperfections create a perfect a sense.

All these bring you to a place where you tend to see the writer actually writing the letter while sitting on his chair with his arms resting on his table, perhaps, nibbling his pen in between words and sentence.

While you hold and read, you unforcedly  imagine his every action in every blot and crimp on the paper.  A drip of coffee on the paper would flash a scene where he actually sips and the coffee drips. It is something magical. These are things a keyboard cannot replicate.

Pen and paper writing is a dying art only if we overlook how a handwritten letter affects us while reading it.

Old Buildings Are Useless

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Are old buildings simply useless? Are they worth preservation as cultural heritage? The opinions are varied.

It is quite noticeable that old buildings, several in Manila, are being demolished and are replaced by commercial and residential structures. Many beautiful old Manila buildings no longer exist today. We got pictures though. And that is all that remains.

Other countries preserved their old buildings and are attractions to tourists and enhanced their appreciation to cultural heritage. If nothing is done immediately to settle a national stand on this, then these old building will just be history and we can only appreciate a replica and an imagination of how they actually look and feel.

I prefer preservation. Do you?


(Photo from

Does it really say that there is no regard to preserve culturally significant structures?

Want to know more? Check this article from It is really worth to know that we missed a history.

20 Beautiful Old Manila Buildings That No Longer Exist.

Blame it on Android Apps.

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Yes, I was out and back. I blame it on Android apps.

I almost forgot all about writing in this platform. The android apps took my senses away.  It was so easy and convenient to let myself drown in downloading and uninstalling old and new apps for my mobile phone.

News, Articles, blogs, Flicker, Houz, Etsy, games, photo editors, drawing apps, and other apps linking my mobile to all the websites there is.  It was so easy and convenient.  Started with trials on apps that became a habit.

Finding good reads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube conspired to distract me and I consented to an android detention, if there is such a crime.

And I managed to free myself. Was out and back.

In reality, It is an addictive tech world today where mobile phones and computers are just a snap. The fainthearted will easily get lost into the oblivion of the mobile Apps.  This addiction does not pick a class Or age. Anyone with a computer or a mobile gadget is a target.

If I was out, I blame it on the Android Apps.