After Three Grim Accidents in a Week, Is It Even Safe to Ride on a Chinese Escalator?


A 35-year-old employee of a shopping mall in Shanghai had to have his left leg amputated on Saturday after a part of the escalator he was cleaning collapsed underneath him, according to state-linked newspaper Global Times. It was the third such mishap in China within a week.

Exactly a week earlier, video of 30-year-old mother Xian Liujuan went around the world after the escalator she was traveling on, in a department store in the central province of Hubei, suddenly gave way. She was able to push her young son before being sucked into the machinery and killed. On Friday, a toddler’s arm got caught in an escalator, this time at a mall in the southern Guangxi region, when he tripped after wandering away from his parents. His mangled arm was pulled out 30 minutes later.

These three accidents have led to heightened concerns and scrutiny of the…

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Article 26, Civil Code of the Philippines (Republic Act No. 386)

“ARTICLE 26. Every person shall respect the dignity, personality, privacy and peace of mind of his neighbors and other persons. The following and similar acts, though they may not constitute a criminal offense, shall produce a cause of action for damages, prevention and other relief:

(1) Prying into the privacy of another’s residence;

(2) Meddling with or disturbing the private life or family relations of another; dumrrI

(3) Intriguing to cause another to be alienated from his friends;

(4) Vexing or humiliating another on account of his religious beliefs, lowly station in life, place of birth, physical defect, or other personal condition.”

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Pen and Paper Writing: A Dying Art?

Looks like pen and paper writing is heading to the grave. It is almost a dying art, that is, as far as It evolved in my end. Technology, obviously, has a big influence in the preservation of this craft.

How frequent do you see or receive a personal letter fully handwritten by the sender?

I am glad I still receive one personally handwritten message in a card in a year. That is, a Christmas Card. And even the card iitself is made from scratch by the sender-friend.

Almost everyone I know prefer the keyboard and the internet. All agree that it is more convenient and fast to create and send a letter.

I have to agree with them, but, no offense, I will always love a fully handwritten letter or even a note.

Writing with a pen and paper is an art. They bring with it a part of the writer. Something personal that connects the reader to the writer. A sense that you can almost feel it and hear it,  apart from the contents, from the texture, the smell, the crimps and the folds of the paper used; by the strokes of the pen, the ink blots and the weight of the written letters. Imperfections create a perfect a sense.

All these bring you to a place where you tend to see the writer actually writing the letter while sitting on his chair with his arms resting on his table, perhaps, nibbling his pen in between words and sentence.

While you hold and read, you unforcedly  imagine his every action in every blot and crimp on the paper.  A drip of coffee on the paper would flash a scene where he actually sips and the coffee drips. It is something magical. These are things a keyboard cannot replicate.

Pen and paper writing is a dying art only if we overlook how a handwritten letter affects us while reading it.

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Old Buildings Are Useless

Are old buildings simply useless? Are they worth preservation as cultural heritage? The opinions are varied.

It is quite noticeable that old buildings, several in Manila, are being demolished and are replaced by commercial and residential structures. Many beautiful old Manila buildings no longer exist today. We got pictures though. And that is all that remains.

Other countries preserved their old buildings and are attractions to tourists and enhanced their appreciation to cultural heritage. If nothing is done immediately to settle a national stand on this, then these old building will just be history and we can only appreciate a replica and an imagination of how they actually look and feel.

I prefer preservation. Do you?


(Photo from

Does it really say that there is no regard to preserve culturally significant structures?

Want to know more? Check this article from It is really worth to know that we missed a history.

20 Beautiful Old Manila Buildings That No Longer Exist.

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Blame it on Android Apps.

Yes, I was out and back. I blame it on Android apps.

I almost forgot all about writing in this platform. The android apps took my senses away.  It was so easy and convenient to let myself drown in downloading and uninstalling old and new apps for my mobile phone.

News, Articles, blogs, Flicker, Houz, Etsy, games, photo editors, drawing apps, and other apps linking my mobile to all the websites there is.  It was so easy and convenient.  Started with trials on apps that became a habit.

Finding good reads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube conspired to distract me and I consented to an android detention, if there is such a crime.

And I managed to free myself. Was out and back.

In reality, It is an addictive tech world today where mobile phones and computers are just a snap. The fainthearted will easily get lost into the oblivion of the mobile Apps.  This addiction does not pick a class Or age. Anyone with a computer or a mobile gadget is a target.

If I was out, I blame it on the Android Apps.

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Happy 2014!


Health. Peace. Prosperity to everyone.

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Traditional “Noche Buena” and your Non-traditional Heart

“Smells like Christmastime” again!

It’s always a feel good in December!  The cool breeze in the air …

Early morning scents tickling a craving, from the freshly wood-fired-oven-baked “pan-de-sal” (salt bread), to the early riser breakfast meals and a variety of Filipino cuisine.

Hot home-made “tablea” (hot cacao chocolate) and “puto-bumbong” (steamed sweet glutinous rice with coconut meat); “bibingka” (rice cake with toppings) eaten with “salabat” (ginger tea); “Dinuguan” (pork blood stew), “puto” (plain rice cake) with sliced ripe mango; “Suman-sa-liya” (sweetened glutinous rice wrapped in palm leaf), with “kapeng barako” (native arabica coffee);

“Suman” (sweetened glutinous rice or cassava wrapped in banana leaf), “biko” (sweetened glutinous rice topped with caramelled grated coconut meat); “kutsinta” (sweetened lye water with flour topped with grated plain coconut meat); “Palitaw” (sweetened glutinous rice rolled in sugar and grated plain coco meat), and “Pichi-pichi”(sweetened cassava rolled in grated plain coco meat).

All are mostly glutinous rice-based delicacies eaten with a cup of “tablea” or “kapeng barako”.

And when “Noche Buena” comes,

As one traditional Filipino Christmas Carol (titled “Noche Buena”) says:

“… Nagluto ang Ate ng manok na tinola  (sister cooked chicken soup)

Sa bahay ng Kuya ay mayro’ng litsonan pa (big brother has roasted pig)

Ang bawat tahanan may handang iba’t iba.”  (every house serves various dishes)

“Tayo na giliw magsalo na tayo (Come and let us share the food)

Mayro’n na tayong tinapay at keso …”  (We got cheese and bread)

These are the traditional “Noche Buena” dishes. Mostly of rice cakes, fruits and soup. Not every house serves “Lechon” (roasted pig).

The hand of time rolled and we have:

Ball ham, “crispy pata” (deep fried pork legs); “chicharong-bulaklak” (deep fried pork small intestine) with liquor or wine; Spicy “sisig” (diced pigs’ face-skin, liver, meat with butter and spices);

“kaldereta” (goat stew in tomato sauce and spices); “pata tim” (pork legs stew in soy sauce and spices) with rum or brandy; Lasagna, baked macaroni and spaghetti; and all the sweetest desserts imaginable, from cakes to chocolate fondue fountain.

These are the usual “Noche Buena” dishes in the current time.

The traditional “Noche Buena” has come off a long long way far different from the “Noche Buena” of today.

With the current usual “Noche Buena”, the skinny has gained weight; and the physically active has weakened.

One Filipino television commercial promotes: “ang bangkang ginamitan ng marine epoxy ay balot sa bakal” (a boat applied with marine epoxy is as if wrapped with iron sheet).

I would say, “ang batang noche Buena ay balot sa taba” (a “Noche Buena-born baby” would in turn be wrapped with fats).

But, is the traditional “Noche Buena” better than todays’?

It would seem that the kind of “Noche Buena” today is not objectively bad at all. What we really have to do is to eat in moderation. Cliché as it is, over indulging in anything is bad. A balanced diet would be perfect: Meat, fruits and green, leafy vegetables.

I wonder what really happens with the human heart after over-eating? What effect has the “Noche Buena” dishes have with the human heart? Can we do anything to avoid the bad effects? How?

I often hear people wishing its Christmas everyday. On second thought, it rather not be. With the intake, nah! Let’s stay around longer. No hurry, folks!

Would you agree?

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